An end

Well, I have just set up this blog, and tried to make it look nice, but we shall see how that goes. Just one week left of working at Lutherhill, then I will be preparing to go to Guatemala to learn Spanish on June 6th. It’s a little scary how close that is, but what I stand to learn will be invaluable, not only for the coming year in Mexico, but for the rest of my life. It’s always strange to think of how our actions now will influence the rest of our days. Some people say that the smallest action, no matter how microscopic, will have an impact on global, even eternal, events. Some people say that every passing moment is just that, momentary, and that almost all we do is random, with no connection. Each of these sentences you have been reading would be considered on their own, with no continuity. But both of these seem to agree, in the sense that you still must act.

So how does this apply to learning Spanish in Guatemala?¬†Good question…

It will be sad leaving Lutherhill, but it’s time to go out and experience life outside central Texas, outside the States. I will really miss the people I have gotten to know here, who took me out to lunch to say good-bye. They are all pretty amazing and I’m lucky to have spent an approximate 21 months with them over the past 5 years. It makes me very hopeful, because I can’t wait to meet the people I will be spending the next year with and get to know them as well as I know the people here at Lutherhill.

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  1. Bill Tomarelli says:

    Ian…To be able to do what you are about to embark on is right near the top of “My Bucket List” …What an experience you are about to begin… I wish I could go beside you…Know that I will pray for you and follow your blog…The toughest for me would be the Guatemala trip to “learn” Spanish…I could only hope there would be someone who speaks both languages around ALWAYS for me as not to be lost at any point. You have grown to be someone to emulate…”Go in Peace, Serve the Lord” “Thanks Be To God for Ian Moreau”…Peace brother..

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